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Finding a good direction in life

Especially cultural , designed to meet the needs of this group and aimed at improving in all areas of development. Social services At this stage of life open to us a world of different opportunities and options. Our mission should focus on guiding this decision for it to be responsible and lead young people in the elections that finally taken, while promoting respect for different opinions and ways of thinking .

Cultural programs

Where the services more attractive and accessible to culture fosters young people , making them participants in these . Visit to cultural and educational centers as they can be museums or art exhibitions ; Attending cultural events,..

Services Recreation and Leisure

Alternative leisure programs where emphasis is placed on appropriate and necessary values ​​for young people , such as : alternative leisure programs for recreational and educational workshops where group activity is encouraged; Visits to natural and rural environments ; Programs to prevent drug abuse ; ...

Management of civic centers

Services normally dependent Department of Education, Citizenship and Municipal Building for integrated utilities to boost the planning and development of social and cultural activities of certain municipal facilities benefit districts.